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-Inspect and clean condenser coils
-Check refrigerant levels
-Check equipment for operation problems
-Check all electrical connections and components
-Check condenser fan fans
-Check evaporator, fans and guards
-Check temperatures
-Lubricate motor bearings
-Check for proper drainage
-Check oil level and condition
-Check for oil leaks
-Check for refrigerant charge condition
-Check refrigerant compressor
-Blow out condensate lines and coils
-Inspect condensate drain line heaters
-Check & adjust defrost heaters and timers
-Check for unusual noise and vibration
-Check operation of safety and low cut-outs
-Check door, hinges, gaskets & springs

-Clean condensate coil with chemicals
-Check belt
-Check & lubricate bearing and motor
-Check refrigerant pressures for proper charge
-Check electrical components
-Replace filter (if necessary)
-Clean condensate pan and drain line
-Check evaporator coil and clean (if necessary)
-Check thermostat
-Check system operations/performance
-check temperature split across coil
-Check pilot assembly
-Check & Clean burner and heat exchanger
-Check for gas leaks
-Check electrical components
-Carbon Monoxide test
-Check belt
-Check and lubricate bearings and motor
-Check thermostat
-Check system operation / performance
-Check all safety limit switches


   Maintenance is the key to lowering
   energy consumption and adding life
   to your equipment.  It makes your
   equipment run effeciently.